Thursday, September 11, 2008

She-Ra the Princess of Power

She-Ra is the twin sister of He-Man. I think She-Ra kicks butt more than He-Man. She has a power that can change her horse into a flying unicorn and the ability to change the form of her sword into any weapon or item she wants.

This cartoon is better than He-Man in a sense that it has a more enhanced and detailed graphics than He-Man cartoons. The magic is also much better now and the enemies are more powerful that before.

She-Ra teaches females that in spite of adversities and problems and even being dubbed as a the weaker sex, can live up their dreams and fight for their rights and can also do what men can do.

He Man and the Masters of the Universe

He-Man is a cartoon I saw during the time that our TV is still a black and white model and those with windows that serves as a protection for the TV screen.

I wasn’t too engrossed on watching this cartoon because of I always thought it lacked some substance that I don’t know yet during that time, maybe the lack of movement in characters and you will get the feeling that it is drawn in a paper and the artists didn’t give enough effort to enhance the movement of the characters.
Anyway, I like the idea of a sword wielding hero that gets his power from a gray skull castle and saves mankind from evil villains like Skeletor , his arch enemy.

This cartoon teaches us to be courageous in facing problems especially in times of difficulties and hardships.

Ewoks (Sunstar Shadow Stone)

When I ask about this cartoon nowadays, nobody I know remembered this cartoon anymore. Maybe they didn’t watch it then or they are not born yet during that time this cartoon aired on TV screens.
Ewoks in the cartoons are hairy cute creatures that resemble a bear in form and lived primitively on a mystic forest. They guard a sacred stone called the sunstar shadow stone. This stone has different powers depending on the user. It can be use for evil and good. This stone are actually two stones combined into one, the sunstar stone and the shadow stone.
Sunstar stone can be used for healing and other good stuff while the shadow stone can be use for destruction and bad stuffs. When combined into one it will gain much power than when the stones are split. The ewoks risks their lives in protecting this holy stone so that evil would not gain possession of it and ultimately bring chaos to their lives.
This story shows that humans have the freedom and ability to choose from right and wrong and teaches us what the best choice we must make. I wish TV networks will give this cartoon a second re run so that I will not feel that I am the only one who remember this cartoon and so that it can share its lesson in children today.


Carebears is literally a cute cartoon that I really love when I was just a small kid. I guess I just love different colors and cute stuff during that time.
They are so fluffy and huggable; I wish I could just squish them into my arms and cuddle them whenever I feel blue or happy.
This cartoon has a lesson in each and every episode that children and adults can learn. I especially love it when the carebears shoot colorful lights from their white furry chest against the bad villains that intends to take over their homeland, Carealot kingdom, and eventually taking over the human world.

The Carebears that resembles all that is good, teaches us to be kind, gentle, loyal, respectful, loving and good to everybody to be able to have a peaceful place to live. I wish they (TV networks) would allow this show to be aired again so that kids nowadays might be able to learn kindness and good stuffs.